Our trajectory
Movement is the essence that drives our history

We are a 100% Brazilian Company, and we make this our strength, as we know that the numerous challenges present in this country improve our way of innovating and finding solutions through a continuous movement towards the future and overcoming.

For almost 3 decades we have been moving through dedication to work and people, always seeking to generate creative and innovative solutions that, in fact, help the production chain with quality in its noble task of generating economic growth amid global markets.

In this trajectory, we learned to respect more and more Brazil and the potential of our people, this turned us into one of the largest manufacturers of conveyor belts in the country.

We hope that this movement towards progress can be shared with our clients so that, together, we can bring wealth and growth to society.

Proud to belong to the city that is a reference in Brazil: Maringá / PR

With a strategic location that connects it with the main cities of the State of Paraná, as well as the triple border and the interior of the State of São Paulo, Maringá is our source of inspiration, as it shows Brazilian society that overcoming great challenges is part of a vision of the future focused on the common good and focused on progress.

Maringá-PR: Featured among the 100 largest Brazilian cities as the Best City to Live in 2017 / 2018 / 2021 – Macroplan Ranking.