For a demanding productive sector and a reference in the use of conveyor belts, we create solutions where resistance is designed for high-impact and high-abrasive operations.

Steel and Metallurgy

Our belts are developed within strict normative standards aiming to meet, with great efficiency, sectors that face great challenges, among them, the presence of high temperatures, great impacts and extreme abrasiveness.

Cement plant

We develop conveyor and elevator belts designed to efficiently meet all the different stages of your production and logistics process, that is, from extraction to packaging of the final product.


Our Research and Development (R&D) sector is particularly dedicated to products intended for this sector, which is, in fact, a great foundation for Agribusiness. The innovation in the compounds of our reaction belts presents, in addition to high performance, much more safety.

Paper And Cellulose

Receiving logs on conveyors should not become a bottleneck in the production process, so in addition to developing belts with abrasion and pullout resistance, we also offer solutions such as breakers and compounds with properties that resist pine resin.


The strength and resistance of Agribusiness has always been a source of great inspiration for us. For the sector that moves the country and feeds the world, we have developed conveyor, elevator and laminated belts with specific solutions for the transport of grains and citrus with the presence of oils.

Port Terminal

In ports, security is essential to logistics operations requiring conveyor belts that really meet current regulations. For this segment, we have developed solutions that have anti-static and self-extinguishing flame properties that provide more safety and proven abrasion resistance.

Equipment Manufacturer

The sale of great solutions requires the feasibility of project costs without giving up quality and respect for the regulations of each sector, so get to know our products and be our partner in advancing the logistics system of large companies.