Solutions for the industry that demands durability and values operational safety

From the arrival of the logs on the conveyors and their respective impact, through the transport of wood chips and residues that generate the so-called biomass, MAXBELT solutions guarantee high performance, durability and safety in transport operations in the Pulp and Paper sector.

MAXBELT Solutions for the Paper and Cellulose Industry
  • Conveyor and elevator belts that combine durability with operational safety and are referenced in national and international standards.
  • Belts made of high-quality polyester and nylon in order to generate the correct damping of impacts from the arrival of the logs for processing.
  • Safety in self-extinguishing flame and anti-static compounds to increase safety in the midst of conveyors, as well as properties that protect and guarantee the resistance of the covers against impregnations of pine resin.
  • Several Coverage options for the correct service to carriers and their demands, combining safety with the best operational cost-benefit.
  • High Performance Line: Solutions in metal breakers, aramid and Extreme and Impact Line covers, which offer durability and resistance that exceed standards.


Compound developed to resist abrasion, cuts and bad weather, it is a great option for severe activities and for activities with rough edged or sharp materials, such as: iron ore, quartz, granite, limestone, basalt, gravel, manganese, petroleum coke, slag, etc. The HD® compound is recommended for materials reaching peak temperatures up to 194°F and complies with DIN W (0.00549 in³).


Excellent performance compound designed to meet severe and high-impact operations, preventing tears. HDS® cover was developed to extend belt’s service life, thereby reducing the need for replacement. HDS® is recommended for materials reaching peak temperatures up to 194ºF with excellent abrasion resistance not exceeding 0.00305 in³ of maximum wear and tear.


Cover developed to withstand high impacts and cuts. It has superior performance on conveyors with extremely severe application, such as those in which there is high impact and in the transportation of logs that reach the belt in unfavorable conditions. It can operate at temperature spikes up to 194ºF and meets the standard ARPM 2, (0.01068 in³).


Resistant and durable in highly abrasive applications; subject to cuts and to ripping and tearing, as well as in severe working conditions where HD® cover is not needed. It maintains good flexibility at low temperatures. Recommended for materials such as sand, gravel, coal, cement, phosphate, sulfur, salt, limestone, talc, cereal grains, wood, lime, etc. Suitable for materials reaching temperature peaks up to 176ºF. Abrasion level DIN X (0.00732 in³), and ARPM I.


Compound developed to provide excellent resistance to abrasion and cuts. This cover also stands out for being designed to prevent contamination and deterioration that may be caused by resins that exist in pine wood splinters and chips.


Cover designed to meet transportation in port terminals and corridors, withstanding temperatures up to 176ºF. It has good abrasion resistance (0.00732 in³) and meets ISO 340 (ASTM D 378- 13.2 flame test standard/ MSHA 30CFR Part 18) and ISO 284 on electrical conductivity.

The best solutions come when we share our knowledge

Belt wear can vary greatly depending on the operational characteristics of each production or logistics process, such as:

  • The wear level of applications
  • Type of transport operation
  • Physicochemical characteristics of the transported product
  • Stresses acting on the conveyor belt and others.

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