Solutions that provide security and resistance.

Referenced in national and international regulatory standards, our Covers are developed based on high quality compounds, capable of offering more protection to the tarpaulins in the face of high temperatures, as well as greater durability and resistance in operations with high levels of wear and abrasion.

MAXBELT High Temperature Resistant Covers
  • Quality in compounds that increase belt life, even in high impact operations and with a high risk of cuts and tears.
  • Discover the SHT® and SHT-Super® Covers, suitable for operations that reach peaks of up to 150°C.
  • With the SHT-EPDM® Coverage, MAXBELT offers more abrasion resistance in applications with temperature peaks up to 204°C.
  • Covers indicated for segments such as: Metallurgy, Steel, Foundries and Cement Industry.
  • Important: The correct thickness of rubber in the Cover is essential for the insulation of the tarpaulins against high temperatures. Consult our technical catalog or count on our team of professionals to guide you in choosing the best solution for your business.


The highlight of this cover is to be specially designed to offer maximum resistance to abrasive materials, as well as resistance to high temperatures, which can be applied in activities that reach up to 399.2°F. It is often used in the transportation of materials such as clinker, sinter, iron pellets, foundry sand, etc.

NOTE: For SH-EPDM® compound, the following minimum top cover thicknesses are recommended for maximum service life:

  • Material temperature up to 320ºF – 1/4”
  • Material temperature from 321.8ºF to 356ºF – 5/16”
  • Material temperature from 357.8ºF to 399.2ºF – 3/8”


Cover specially designed to avoid cracking or hardening that can be caused by thin and hot abrasive materials. This compound also has high heat resistance and can be applied to convey materials with temperatures up to 302ºF. It is ideal for products such as ashes, industrial carbon, petroleum coke, slag, foundry sand, clinker, cement and cast metals.


This cover presents the same qualities and characteristics as the model, SHT® that is, it was designed to offer greater heat resistance and to withstand temperatures up to 302ºF, without showing cracks or hardening during its application. Moreover, its composition allows a superior performance in relation to abrasion resistance.

NOTE: For SHT® and SHT-SUPER®compounds, the following minimum top cover thicknesses are recommended for maximum service life:

  • Material temperature up to 194ºF – 3/16”
  • Material temperature from 195.8ºF to 230ºF – 1/4”
  • Material temperature from 231.8ºF to 266ºF – 5/16”
  • Material temperature from 267.8ºF to 302ºF – 3/8”

The best solutions come when we share our knowledge

Belt wear can vary greatly depending on the operational characteristics of each production or logistics process, such as:

  • The wear level of applications
  • Type of transport operation
  • Physicochemical characteristics of the transported product
  • Stresses acting on the conveyor belt and others.

Contact our team and find the best solution for your operational profile.