The ultimate solution for tubing wear

Duratubo® is a solution created and patented by MAXBELT which consists of an anti-abrasive coating with anti-static and flame self-extinguishing properties, developed especially for the protection of transfer ducts and other surfaces exposed to intense wear by impact and abrasion.

Technical Characteristics and Application Segments
  • Vulcanized rubber coating on #0.50 mm galvanized sheet with lubricating polymers.
  • Product with high adhesion capable of offering flexibility combined with resistance, making it a great option for elevator heads, valves, line dampers, redlers and others.
  • Practical and fast installation that does not require the use of specialized labor, generating time savings for the customer and consequent reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Duratubo® is normally available in coils of up to 80 meters in length and a maximum width up to 48” with a standard thickness of 5 and 8 mm and can be modified according to the required technical specifications.
  • Developed for applications in the agribusiness, mining, port terminals and industries in general.
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